We Believe in... The Supremacy of Love

We Believe in... Striving for Excellence

We Believe in... Creating a Homelike Environment

We Believe in... Celebrating Life

You’re Home

The first thing you notice as you step into Holly Hill Health Care Residence, a Senior Living Community, is the one thing that’s missing: any sense that you have entered a healthcare facility. Your eyes won’t tell you. Your nose won’t tell you. Your ears won’t tell you. Instead, you will discover a place that looks like home, smells like home, and sounds like home.

That’s because home, to the families who own Holly Hill Health Care Residence, means so much more than a place to live. Home means a place of beauty, comfort, and compassion.

Owned and managed by the same dedicated families since 1965, Holly Hill Health Care Residence combines elegant living with a continuum of care. Lovely indoor decor and beautiful outdoor views enrich daily life in a quiet, rural setting in the greater Cleveland, Ohio, area. The common places and private spaces of all locations, senior living apartments, assisted living and the skilled nursing facility, are tastefully decorated and meticulously maintained. The air smells clean and fragrant, or like a home-cooked meal waiting to be served. Music is the most likely sound you will hear. Combined, these place Holly Hill Health Care Residence in a league of its own among senior living communities.